Anna Kournikova hates shopping.

The tennis beauty - who is dating Enrique Iglesias - is not of fan of buying her clothes from stores because she finds it stressful and prefers to purchase them from the internet.

She said: "After an hour I get a little antsy. So I definitely shop online."

At the moment, Anna says she's on the look-out for the perfect pair of boots, telling People: "They need to be really high, but really comfy. I'm the kind of girl who goes with really high shoes or flip flops. I don't do in between."

Anna, 30, also revealed how she has learned to care for her skin over the years.

She said: "I went through a phase in my 20s where I tried everything. I was breaking out like crazy. Then I got educated. I had oily skin, so changed to oil-free everything. The key for me has always been protecting myself from the sun because I've been in the sun playing tennis. It's about getting rid of the dark spots and exfoliation!"