Actor Anthony Daniels is convinced he won the original role of C-3Po in Star Wars because he had no interest in playing a droid.

The British star only agreed to meet with filmmaker and franchise creator George Lucas back in the 1970s to be polite and is convinced his laid-back attitude landed him the part.

He tells, "I wasn't interested in the slightest. In fact, I was being polite by going to meet George Lucas. Can you imagine that? I was polite in the room, but it wasn't a very interesting conversation because he was collapsing from having met pretty much every actor in England.

"I wandered in, and I think it was a refreshing change for him because I didn't do what so many people apparently did - this stiff robotic dance. He had lots of people coming in being a robot, which to me is slightly embarrassing. What do you say to somebody who comes in like that?

"I was utterly relaxed because I didn't want the job anyway. I only spoke about this picture out of something to talk about."

Daniels is set to reprise his role in the sci-fi franchise for the new sequel, Star Wars: Episode Vii.

He recently revealed he had initially turned down the offer of a voice-only role from new director J.J. Abrams and instead convinced him to use live action instead of computer generated imagery to create C-P3O, allowing him to climb back into the robot's famous golden metal suit.