The potent brew, named Wardance, is to be produced by Butternuts Beer & Ale Brewery, whose owner Chuck Williamson is a fan of the band.

According to a press release issued by the group, the idea to create the beer came while drinking in Daddy-O, a bar in New York City's West Village.

Daddy-O's owner Phil Casacelli put them in touch with Chuck, who helped make the group's dream of having their own beer a reality.

"I've wanted to do our own beer for a long time, it was just finding the right guy to make that a reality," Scott Ian, the band's guitarist, said. "I am a fan of Butternuts, especially their Porkslap Pale Ale, and when I found out that Chuck was interested in doing a beer with us I immediately said yes."

He added, "I spoke to Chuck and we talked about what we like/don't like and what I would want from our beer... It was simple, a beer that would be very drinkable yet still have flavor."

Wardance refers to the word the band shout as a cue for their fans to begin dancing frenziedly during performances of their hit Indians.

Wardance is due to go on sale from 27 March (17). It is not the first Anthrax themed beverage to go on sale, as in 2015 the band released their own bourbon whiskey.