Anthrax's original line-up are reuniting for the first time in 13 years to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their arrival on the music scene.

Guitarists Scott Ian and DANNY SPITZ, vocalist JOEY BELLADONNA, bassist FRANKIE BELLO and drummer CHARLIE BENANTE will regroup for two dates in Chicago, Illinois, and a host of rock festivals in Europe.

After weeks of rumours about the possible reunion, the heavy rock giants released a statement yesterday (24MAR05) confirming the hopes of metal fans everywhere.

The rumours had been sparked by a mysterious countdown clock on the band's website that is ticking down to 1 April (05). The band have since revealed they have scheduled a press conference for that date at 2pm at the SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO headquarters in New York to officially announce the reunion.

This will start the 'Spreading the Anthrax Weekend' on Sirius' HARD ATTACK channel, which will make "an important statement regarding the US Government and the anthrax vaccine".

The rockers want to raise public awareness about the hazards surrounding the vaccine, as well as America's newly legislated Project BioShield Act, which allows the US Food and Drug Administration to approve drugs and vaccines that have not been properly tested during periods of declared emergency.

The FISTFUL OF METAL band have also been discussing the possibility of new music releases, and more touring announcements are on the horizon.

25/03/2005 03:03