Anthrax rocker Scott Ian has opened up about his new role as a father, insisting parenthood is "natural" to him.
The guitarist and his wife, Meat Loaf's daughter Pearl Aday, welcomed a son called Revel in June (11) and Ian dropped out of a number of Anthrax's gigs to focus on life as a first-time father.
He has now spoken out about life as a new dad, revealing the baby has meant a massive change to his schedule, but he is delighted with his new role.
He tells, "For years we said 'We're not ready, we're not ready,' but you could say that for your whole life. When are you really ready? There's no way to be truly ready for kids, which I guess is something you can't really know until you have a kid. You can make all the plans in the world, then the baby comes home with you, then it's throw all the plans out the window, here we go!
"I think it came very natural (sic) for both my wife and I. We just wanted it so much, and it has been the greatest. Any of the hard work and change of life schedules doesn't matter, because he's the payoff."