Ariana Grande felt compelled to write a love song for her fiancé Pete Davidson just a week after they began dating.

The 25-year-old singer got engaged to the 24-year-old 'SNL' comedian in June after just a few weeks of dating and she sings about her feelings for Pete on a track named in his honour on her latest album 'Sweetener'.

Ariana sings about being ''happy'' over and over again on the track and she has now revealed that she penned the lyrics at the start of their relationship.

Speaking with Amazon Music for their Side by Side session, she revealed: '''Pete Davidson' is obviously inspired by my fiancé, I wrote this song like a week after we started hanging out. Sometimes when you feel a certain way about something and you can't express it with words as well as you can with music, then I sent it to him. I want this song to live forever as music lives forever.''

The LP also contains a handful of collaborations and Ariana's friend Nicki Minaj appears on 'The Light is Coming'.

The pop star has described Nicki, 35, as her ''big sister'' and admits she is one of her closest pals in the music industry.

She said: ''So 'The Light is Coming' features Nicki Minaj who is my big sister and one of my best friends that I've met through this industry. I love the message behind it, it's about people who can be so close minded or to blind-sided by their own opinion to find the truth.''

Another rapper on the record is Missy Elliott, 47, and Ariana admits it is an ''honour'' to have been able to work with one of her musical idols.

She said: '''Borderline' featuring Missy Elliott is a bop, I love it so much. I also grew up listening to Missy Elliott when I was too young to be listening to her. Having a song with her is an honour, and she also wrote it with Pharrell which is really exciting. I love the song lyrically and I love her verse.''