A man sampled on Ariana Grande's new single 'The Light is Coming' hopes it is a reference to the return of Jesus Christ.

Craig Anthony Miller, 68, was startled to find out the 25-year-old singer had included an audio clip in her track of him shouting ''You wouldn't let anybody speak, and instead'' at then-US senator Arlen Specter back in 2009.

Speaking to MTV News after they told him about the song, he said: ''Is Ariana Grande a Christian? Because 'The Light is Coming', that could be in reference to Christ's return, which is about to happen.

''So being associated with a song that has any kind of religious overtones would make me feel better.''

While Ariana was raised a Roman Catholic, she abandoned the church over its teachings on homosexuality, and along with her half-brother Frankie - who is gay - she decided to follow Kabbalah.

The song's lyrics actually appear to refer to relying on positivity to get through tough times.

Craig admitted he isn't the target audience for the track, but wished Ariana ''good luck'' with the tune despite not really caring for it.

He laughed: ''It's OK. It's not something I'm going to go out and buy or play a lot. Well, [my voice being on it] doesn't matter! It's not going to put any money in my pocket, I'm sure!''

Ariana unveiled the track this month, and revealed her upcoming new album 'Sweetener' will be released in August on August 17.

The follow-up to 2016's 'Dangerous Woman' is now available for pre-order.