Arnold Schwarzenegger has added rapper to his longlist of talents.

The 71-year-old former Mr. Olympia bodybuilder, actor and ex-Governor of California has proved it's never too late to take on a new skill, as he has recorded verses for Austrian singer Andreas Gabalier's song 'Pump It Up - The Motivation Song', which documents the 'Terminator' star's career.

The Hollywood legend appears in the music video for the song and even included his 'Terminator' catchphrase ''I'll be back'' in the lyrics.

He spits: ''Hey, I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger and listen carefully.

''Dig deep down and ask yourself, who do you want to be.

''Not what, but who -- if you believe success will come to you, work like hell, trust yourself and all your dreams come true.''

Later in the song, he raps: ''Break some rules, knock the wall, don't be afraid to fail.

''You have to think outside the box, I say no pain no gain,

''I don't want to hear it cannot be done, always give something back. My name is Arnold Schwarzenegger and I'll be back.''

Schwarzenegger, also a filmmaker, author and activist, began lifting weights at the age of 15 and won the Mr. Universe title when he was 20, before going on to be named Mr. Olympia seven times.

He launched his movie career in 'Conan the Barbarian' in 1982 and, two years later, he starred in the first 'Terminator' movie as the titular cyborg assassin - the role he is most famous for.

Meanwhile, the multi-talented star previously admitted he is ''very happy'' his son is following in his bodybuilding footsteps.

Joseph Baena, 21 - who he had with former housekeeper Mildred 'Patty' Baena - is keen to compete in a classic physique competition and the Hollywood star would be delighted to see it happen.

He said: ''He's very serious about it and I'm very happy about it because I said to him, 'It's important to take care of your body, train hard, if you're passionate about that, but also study hard, because the key is to get your business degree at Pepperdine.'''