Comedian, actor and chat show host Arsenio Hall has launched a bid to take over the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team from embattled team owner Donald Sterling.

National Basketball Association officials are trying to force the businessman to give up ownership after he confessed to making racist remarks in a taped chat with an ex-girlfriend, which went viral last month (Apr14) - and Hall insists he is serious about purchasing the franchise.

Joining the likes of Oprah Winfrey and music mogul David Geffen, who have also expressed interest, the Coming to America star has set up an campaign to raise money to buy the team.

Launching his bid on Monday night (19May14), Hall joked, "Nothing would make Donald Sterling more angry than if I owned the team!

"So let’s take back the Clippers, or at the very least help make the world a better place, and really make a racist mad in the process! Help me put Your money where My mouth is."

He has until 24 June (14) to raise the $1 billion he claims he needs to take over the team. If he fails, all contributions will be collected by officials at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, who ironically handed Sterling a top honour in 2009, and were about to hand him a lifetime achievement prize at the NAACP Awards this month (May14) when news of the audio broke.