Art Garfunkel has returned to the road almost two years after vocal paresis wrecked a Simon & Garfunkel tour.
The Bright Eyes singer has been building up his voice ever since and now he's ready to return to the stage to promote his new hits compilation The Singer.
The grateful star tells, "I could fall to my knees with gratefulness to God for allowing the verb 'mending' to be part of the picture. I didn't count on anything like the voice coming back. I counted on nothing."
Garfunkel has 14 North American shows lined up and three end-of-year gigs in Sweden and he hopes the routine will help to strengthen his weakened voice.
He explains, "I need to get back on the stage now. There's enough recovery to go for it. I told the manager I want to create the groove of working again. If I can get back into that routine, maybe routine helps singing."
Garfunkel has confirmed he's also working on his memoirs.