Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross can't wait to go on tour as a family.

The couple are excited about bringing their three-year-old daughter Jagger Snow on the road with them next month and joked she is the ''best background dancer ever''.

She said: ''We've been in rehearsal, actually, [and] Jagger was at our rehearsal dancing it up! So we had the best background dancer ever today!''

Whilst Ross added to Entertainment Tonight: ''We just left rehearsal today, [and] we've got some rehearsals to do, but we're excited.''

And Ashlee is no doubt grateful they can all go on tour together as she previously confessed she wishes she could spend more quality time with her family.

She said: ''There's always people over. It's like so loud last night. I couldn't sleep. You know what's important to me. You know getting into this and working again, it's important to me that we're with our kids, that we get the rest that we need. For me feeling like we have a balance is super important. And right now, I feel a little off balance. I feel like we can just be family and not have so many people around us.''

The 'Pieces Of Me' hitmaker admits she is finding it hard being a ''working mom.''

She explained: ''Music is a career by itself, having a clothing line is a career by itself, having a shoe line is a career by itself, being a mom is a career by itself. It's definitely overwhelming.''

And giving her advice, her mother Tina replied: ''I think if you're doing what you love and your passion shows through, that's all that matters. The key to it is that you find what works for you and your family and then you'll find that success.''