Cheryl Cole is "scared" of Botox.

The 26-year-old singer has no problem with getting older and can't understand why women her age or younger have the painful anti-wrinkle treatment to keep them looking flawless.

She said: "I try not to worry. I've got a few older friends and I always hear them going, 'How old? 26? Ah, you're a baby', and I'm kind of like, 'Maybe I should embrace it and not worry about looking old'. It scares me when I think that someone women have Botox at 25."

As well as avoiding cosmetic treatments, the pop star - who recently separated from her soccer star husband Ashley Cole - has also admitted she will not be undergoing any new fitness or beauty regimes in readiness for the summer.

Discussing how she gets herself ready for beach holidays, she told more! magazine: "I just put on a bikini! I wouldn't put that pressure on myself - you go on holiday to relax. It freaks me out when people ask me that. I'm like, 'Prepare for the beach? That's the one time I can scrape back my hair and slob. Don't ask how I'm prepared! Now I'm worried!"