Ashley James has learned to ''embrace'' her flaws.

The 31-year-old star suffers from body dysmorphia - which is a condition that causes a person to have anxiety about a particular part of their body - but has become a lot more confident with her body as of late.

She told the MailOnline: ''I mean, I'm definitely more confident in terms of like, I literally used to look at my body with disgust and I'd see myself bigger than I was and I've definitely got through the worse. But of course, I have days where I feel insecure about things or I look at my body and see flaws.

''But, I have kind of like learned to embrace it, I think being more open and authentic and honest on social media helps that journey. I'd definitely being lying if I said that I didn't like have days where I felt insecure about things.''

Meanwhile, Ashley previously hit out at the fashion industry, saying that it is ''disappointing'' that fashion houses still use skinny models that may be at risk of having an eating disorder.

She explained: ''If I were to see girls who quite clearly have an eating disorder on the catwalk then that would make me really sad. It's really disappointing that fashion houses can be that irresponsible because it's giving out a specific message but so unhealthy. No one should need to be skinny to work. Fashion week is changing. There are definitely different shapes emerging on the catwalk. There's a problem with skinny shaming as well. There are some models who are naturally slim and I think it's just as bad to skinny shame as it is to fat shame.''