Ashley Tisdale isn't ready to have children.

The 34-year-old actress and singer has been married to musician Christopher French since 2014, but she says they're in no rush to start a family any time soon as she says it's ''not the right time'' for her to become a mother just yet.

She said: ''Whether you're traveling or you have work or education or you're married and not ready to have a kid yet, there are options out there. For me, it's like, it's okay to not want to start a family right away. People are always asking me about that, but it's just not the right time. And I have options out there.''

The 'High School Musical' star has partnered with pharmaceutical company Allergan - who makes birth control pill Lo Leostrin Fe - to join the 'Women Who Know' campaign, which encourages women to seek accurate information on their reproductive health.

And Ashley says it's important for women to ''start the discussion'' into all areas of their health, including birth control options.

She added: ''We are trying to inspire women to take an active role in decisions about their reproductive health and contraceptive options. For me, it's just about starting the discussion, having those conversations with your doctor and health care provider and knowing that there are options out there.''

The 'Scary Movie 5' actress insists she's always looking online for accurate information on her health, and says it's crucial to speak to a doctor before making any decisions, because ''everyone is different''.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: ''I have always been someone who likes to research a lot on anything that I do with my body. It's about asking the right questions, and sometimes you might not even know what those questions are and that makes it uncomfortable. What's great about this campaign is that there are videos and tools and doctor discussions.

''Everyone is different. You might be like, 'Oh, that works for that person,' but we're all so different. So really what I'm trying to do is just support women and encourage them to have the conversation, to feel more comfortable and be able to ask those questions and find out what the best option for you is.''