Ashley Tisdale had ''great chemistry'' with her 'Amateur Night' co-stars.

The 'High School Musical' star got on really well with Janet Montgomery and Bria L. Murphy and enjoyed improvising with them on the set of the comedy movie.

She said: ''It was a lot of fun. From the start, I think we all had really great chemistry. Lisa [Addario] and Joey [Syracuse] let us improvise a lot.

''Our car scenes together were so much fun. The car was hooked onto a rig the entire time we were filming, so each time we would shoot a new take, we would add something new.''

Bria, who is the daughter of actor and comedian Eddie Murphy, also enjoyed the opportunity to improvise.

She added: ''Improvising was something that was new to me, but I really like it. If you ever forget your lines, improvising is great! If I ever forgot my lines, I would improv, and it totally worked.''

And Ashley was thrilled to sign onto the project when she found out Bria, Janet and 'Orange Is The New Black's Jason Biggs had been cast too.

She told ''I auditioned for Joey and Lisa (first). I think I was then cast the following week. I was also super excited to become involved in the film, as I'm also a big fan of Jason's work. I also heard that Janet (Montgomery) and Bria were also involved, so I said, 'I'm in!'''