'Former Celebrity Big Brother' star Aubrey O'Day tried, but failed, to join the mile high club.

The 34-year-old singer has revealed that she and her ex-boyfriend Pauly D - real name Pauly DelVecchio - attempted to have sex whilst sat in coach during a flight but they just couldn't the ''dynamics right''.

Playing a game of truth or dare with the other celebrities on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars', Aubrey picked ''truth'' and after being asked to ''name a place you've always fantasied having sex and why?'' she recounted how the pair tried to get frisky, even though there was a man sat next to them.

She said: ''So Pauly never goes on a plane unless it's first class, and he actually gave up his first class seat to come sit with me. (I thought I'd give him) him some sex on the plane for doing that. We were like trying it every which way. We had a blanket over us, there was like this really strange man sitting next to us in coach. But we couldn't get the dynamics of it right.''

Aubrey - who came fifth on the 2016 Channel 5 series of 'CBB', which Stephen Bear went on to win - then added that her fantasy is to actually join the mile high club and ''successfully getting it done''.

The Danity Kane singer and Pauly, 38, separated in the summer of 2017 but viewers can see the dying days of their relationship on the current series of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars'.