Audrina Patridge's estranged husband has sought a court order to stop their daughter appearing on 'The Hills'.

Corey Bohan has lodged documents with the Superior Court of California, in which he claimed that featuring alongside her mother in the upcoming reality show reboot is not in the ''best interest'' of two-year-old Kirra.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, the 36-year-old biker has requested ''neither party to allow the minor child to be filmed or to appear in any reality television production without the express, written consent of the other parent'' and ''any prior consent for the minor child to appear on 'The Hills' reboot to be revoked and proof of revocation to be provided.''

Corey went on to blast Audrina's ''ludicrous'' antics, after claiming she dismissed his attorney's request not to have Kirra featured on the show because he had shared photos of the little girl on his Instagram account.

He stated: ''Although Audrina has made claims of domestic violence, I now believe that she filed a request for restraining order to manipulate custody.

''I have recently learned that Audrina plans to appear in a reality television show which is a reboot of a reality show she was previously on called, 'The Hills.'

''It is my understanding that the show has already begun filming and that Audrina plans to have Kirra appear on the show.

''Upon learning these facts, my attorney sent a letter to Audrina's attorney indicating that I do not agree with Kirra appearing on reality television and requested that she stipulate to revoke any prior consent she may have given to have Kirra appear on 'The Hills' reboot.

''Unfortunately, Audrina's response was to call me a hypocrite for posting pictures of Kirra on my private Instagram account and to state that I should be happy that Audrina has an opportunity to provide financially for Kirra.

''The comparison between a private social media account and a reality television program on MTV is ludicrous...

''[I do] not believe it is in Kirra's best interest to appear on reality TV as the effects of being in the public spotlight could be extremely damaging to such a young child and could result in potentially dangerous interactions with fans and/or paparazzi.''

Corey also claimed the 33-year-old beauty's plan to have Kirra on the show showed she has ''poor judgement'' and insisted he had never been asked to consent to her plans, while also accusing Audrina of ''making exaggerated claims'' in her restraining order application to secure legal custody so she didn't need his permission to involve the tot in the programme.

In addition to seeking joint legal and physical custody - on a ''2/2/3 or 2/5 parenting schedule'' - of Kirra, the BMX rider wants Audrina to pay his legal costs, which are estimated at $50,000.

He also requested: ''a specific order restraining Audrina from allowing Kirra to appear on any reality television program including, without limitation, 'The Hills' without my prior written consent.''

The documents added: ''I further request that Audrina be restrained from allowing any further filming of Kirra to take place and for her to revoke any prior consent she may have given for Kirra to appear in any episode of 'The Hills'.''

The pair must attend an appointment for child custody mediation or child custody recommending counselling on December 20, 2018.