Troubled actress Bai Ling openly sobbed on U.S. TV as she recalled terrible memories of sexual molestation when she was a teenager.
The Crow star wept during a group therapy session on Celebrity Rehab as she told how she was date raped by a boyfriend she "didn't like" but who took advantage of her after plying her with alcohol.
She sobbed, "I was just passed out on the pavement and he took me right to his loft and slept with me. I was drunk."
In a personal session with celebrity counsellor Dr. Drew Pinsky, she later revealed she was molested by generals when she served in the Chinese People's Liberation Army as a teen.
The actress admitted she was just 14 when she was ordered to visit high-ranking officials who would "put me on their lap" and abuse her.
She explained, "I have different experiences with different generals... At that time I didn't know what was right or wrong or appropriate. I was vulnerable."
The episode, which aired in the U.S. on Sunday (24Jul11), also saw Bai express regret for her wild antics in Hollywood.
She continued, "I'm this beautiful talented actress but I f***ed myself up being in these clubs, with my nipples out and the tabloids think I'm a bimbo. I'm not a bimbo... What's wrong with me?"