Actress Bai Ling has been added to Helen Mirren's bevy of beauties in a new film about a Las Vegas brothel - even though her audition was anything but normal.
The Wild Wild West star had to be persuaded to turn around after spending much of the Love Ranch screen test with her back to director Taylor Hackford, Mirren's husband.
Bai Ling explains, "He said, 'Turn around,' and I said, 'No, I'm not in a good mood.' I was not trying to please him, but to be myself. Taylor Hackford asked me, 'How do you seduce men?' I said, 'By not seducing them.' I just be there (sic)."
But, despite making a bad first impression, Ling did land the role as a high-earning prostitute - even though the role was written for a completely different actress.
She adds, "It was written for a 20-year-old girl, blonde, big boobs from Vegas. It had nothing to do with me."
The film will feature Joe Pesci as Mirren's husband, and Ling is convinced the role will land him an Oscar.
She adds, "Joe plays this feisty, wild, passionate man, a dangerous animal but very charming. I think he's going to win an Oscar. It's him being so raw. He's very nice but the next minute he can snap at you. The best actors have this rawness and wildness that nobody knows who you are; he's a mystery."