The former Brothers & Sisters star, an heir to the Getty oil fortune, previously battled drink and drug issues, problems his grandfather John Paul Getty, Jr. and dad John Paul Getty III also famously struggled with in the past.

"It's no secret that my father and grandfather had major drug addiction problems, and addiction runs rampant in many families," he tells Britain's Evening Standard. "If you add wealth and celebrity on top of that, it can be lethal."

Balthazar claims he turned to illegal substances during his youth because he wanted to escape the pressure of his social status, thanks to his family's huge fortune, and he was desperate to push the boundaries and "elevate" himself.

"A lot of people do drugs and alcohol to self-medicate," he explains. "For me it was about the search for higher consciousness."

The 41-year-old, who is married to fashion designer Rosetta, is now a father of four and he is so eager to break the family's addiction trend, he has made a point to teach his eldest children about the dangers of drugs.

Admitting he does "fret about" their futures, Balthazar recognises he can only do so much to warn 16-year-old Cassius, 14-year-old Grace, Violet, 12, and June, eight, away from following in his tumultuous path.

"But I can't control my kids," he says. "They have their own journey and I'm doing my best to make them aware of the dangers, but also allow them to experience their own life."

Getty also reveals he has finally made peace with being born into such a high-profile family, and he is finally 'owning' it.

He continues, "I've gotten more comfortable with who I am, where I come from, and being 'a Getty'. I don't see it anymore as something I need to run from, or prove to people that I'm not who they might perceive me to be. I've been able to own that and feel good about it."

And Getty is thankful for his family, which has helped to keep him grounded with simply routines.

"At least five days a week we have supper together. No TV, none of that. We sit and talk," he smiles. "Everybody shares about their day. And I play with them - sports, games, play songs, drawing, painting, whatever it is."

"I do have a very full, very blessed life, full of great people who allow me to be very comfortable, and for that I am very grateful," he concludes. "So probably some of the cliches (about being born rich) are true, but it doesn't define me."