Balthazar Getty's father has died.

The 36-year-old actor - who recently reunited with his wife Rosetta Millington following a temporary split and a brief relationship with Sienna Miller - confirmed his father John Paul Getty III passed away in his mansion in Buckinghamshire, South East England, on Saturday (05.02.11) at the age of 54.

Despite being left paralysed, almost blind and unable to speak following a severe stroke in 1981, Balthazar explained the oil tycoon - who was a father of two and grandfather of six - always lived life to the full.

In a statement released by the 'Brothers and Sisters' star, he said: "He never let his handicap keep him from living life to the fullest and he was an inspiration to all of us.

"He taught us how to live our lives and overcome obstacles and extreme adversity and we shall miss him dearly."

John Paul's life was marked by him being kidnapped in Rome at the age of 16, which eventually resulted in his multi-millionaire family having to pay a $2.2 million ransom when his captors sent them his severed ear in the post after the Gettys originally refused to concede to their demands.

He was then found in Italy five months after he had originally been captured.

Despite attempting to join the family business, John Paul was left traumatised by his kidnapping and became an alcoholic and drug addict.