Barbara Palvin is ''addicted'' to lip balm.

The 25-year-old model - who was recently named Victoria's Secret's newest angel - is known for her flawless complexion on and off the catwalk, however, the star has revealed that her desert island beauty product is ''lip balm'', and every night she always makes sure her perfect pout is smothered in her go-to salve.

In US Harper's Bazaar's 'Go To Bed With Me' series, she said: ''I'm a lip balm addict so day and night I can also sleep in my lip balm. I put a lot on. My recent favourite one is the Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm [$34].''

The Hungarian-born beauty also insisted that when she is removing her make-up every night, she always makes sure to gently ''wipe off'' her mascara first because it prevents wrinkles.

She added: ''Before I would always rub my eye, and they [makeup artists] told me that it's actually not good. You have to be gentle even though it's faster when you rub it. You have to soak it a little bit and then wipe it off because it's much better for your eyes. Don't pull it too much because then you don't get wrinkles.

''My mum told me not to pull my eyes so much because then I stretch the skin and since then I am very careful. Even if people are not watching. I promise. I always remove my makeup when I go to bed because if you're not earring makeup your skin can breath in the night and rest and you're going to have gorgeous skin.''

And the star admitted that she doesn't like intense eye make-up on photoshoots because it takes ''hours'' to remove.

She continued: ''Sometimes when I do a massive black eye or glitters, that's the worst, it can take hours to remove it because your eyes are one of your most sensitive parts of your body. Maybe it's just my eyes, but you can even see now that it's a little red.''