A recording of a Beach Boys performance thought to have been lost forever has been recovered at the home of a British music fan.

The Bbc special Live In The Studio was recorded at a show by the California Girls hitmakers at the Playhouse Theatre in London, and was broadcast in 1964.

When it was broadcast again two years later, music fan Ian Gane recorded it on his new reel-to-reel tape recorder and it has sat gathering dust in a cupboard at his home in Bristol, England ever since.

The tape, thought to feature the only recording of the band's original line-up - Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine - performing outside the U.S., came to light when Gane loaned it to a radio Dj for a special programme.

The original mastertapes of the performance were lost when Bbc bosses recorded over them, and chiefs at the Beach Boys' record label Capitol have now purchased the recording from Gane.

He says, "Everyone recorded things off the radio back then. What most people did was, they'd put a microphone next to the speaker, but I wired directly into the radio to get the best quality."

Three of the tracks were included on a recent six-disc box set, Made In California, to celebrate 50 years. It is not known if Capitol bosses intend to release the rest of the tape.