The Beach Boys invited a bride onstage to apologise for interrupting her wedding.

The 'Good Vibrations' band could be overheard rehearsing as Mark Kent and Jaime Diadiun wed in Cleveland, Ohio, last month and to make amends they invited the happy couple and their wedding party to their show that night.

At the end of their concert, the band's Bruce Johnston asked Jaime up on stage, where she played tambourine with Mike Love standing next to her singing the track 'Fun, Fun, Fun'.

Afterward she told ''I thought about trying to sing along in the mic, but it was best for everyone that I stuck to the tambourine.''

The happy couple also said they would now adopt the song the band had interrupted their exchange of vows with as their song.

Jaime said: ''It was awesome and perfectly timed. 'God Only Knows' will likely be our official song now.''

The Beach Boys are currently on tour across the US.