Beady Eye's new album is all about ''growth and change''.

The band's second record, 'BE', comes out today (10.06.13) and producer Dave Sitek, who worked on it, is excited to see the reaction it gets.

In a voice over on a video teaser for the album, he says: ''This will go out into the world, and our work is done, and that's our primary responsibility. And the gift that we get from doing something like this is the present. Like, when we press play.

''That's the highest gift anyone can have, it's like ''woah, f**k'', we made something happen. I mean, life is about growth, it's about change.''

Beady Eye singer Liam Gallagher has been particularly vocal in championing Dave - who has previously produced albums for Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Jane's Addiction - for helping push the band in a new direction.

He previously said: ''He's the best producer I've ever worked with, ever.

''His eyes are wide open, he's got no fear. We feel like a f***ing new band. He's out there, man. To me, he's a f***ing outlaw. He's got no fear, man, and he's right up for ripping everything into pieces and experimenting.''

Beady Eye - which also includes Chris Sharrock, Gem Archer, Jay Mehler and Andy Bell - will tour the UK later this month to showcase 'BE'.