Bebe Rexha feels it's important to ''shine light'' on the problems with ageism in the music industry.

The 30-year-old singer has been outspoken about her own experiences of body shaming and ageism, and has previously called out designers for refusing to dress her for the Grammys because of her size, as well as recently slamming a music executive who told her she was ''too old to be sexy''.

And although she doesn't want to be seen to always be the one ''complaining'', Bebe thinks if more people speak out when they've been unnecessarily judged based on their appearance, age or background, it will ''hopefully get better over time''.

She told PEOPLE: ''I don't want to seem like that person that's always complaining.

''I just want to be able to speak out and just shine light on it because it's been happening for so long, and it will always happen, unfortunately, that's just the way life is: You're never going to fix something completely, but you can shine light on it and hopefully it will get better over time.

''No matter if it's a female or a male, if they walk into a job and they're good and they kill it, no matter what or who they are, they should have the chance.

''They shouldn't be judged by the way they look or how old they are or where they come from. ''

The 'I'm A Mess' hitmaker admitted that it's tough because everyone, including herself, has been left ''f***ed up'' by expectations to be ''beautiful'' in the eyes of society, and that if she had a choice, she would much rather go make-up-free when she performs.

Bebe added: ''It's hard to do because in our society we really are told, 'This is what's beautiful.'

''And it's f***ed us up a bit.

''It's f***ed me up a bit, too, I'm not gonna lie.

''I would love to go onstage with not much make-up on, but I like to wear a lot of lashes and over-line my lips.''