The Empire star reveals it takes her two hours for her to do her make-up and hair. However, when she's on tour she makes sure to wear extra make-up because of her schedule.

"When I'm on tour is actually when I wear the most make-up, simply because I start very, very early," she tells PeopleStyle. "I visit four to five different radio stations and they take pictures and I meet with fans. I do my own hair and make-up, too, so I get myself ready when I'm on tour, starting really, really early and then I just go through my whole day all ready. That's every single day, basically. I enjoy it actually, it's very therapeutic - it's like painting!"

The 19-year-old recently cut her hair and her shorter style has made it easier to do because it is healthier.

"One, I wanted something new and two, having such thick dark hair it wasn't in the healthiest shape that it could be so I said, 'Why not?' she continues. "It's so easy, so much easier. I love it! It's lighter, it's more fun on stage - it's easier to just whip around."

Becky G recently signed on as brand ambassador for Degree Women Deodorant and her new role is perfect for her career.

"I am around dancers all day - I do not want to be stinky around my dancers," she jokes. "Not only that, I'm meeting fans after the show, so there is nothing better than to feel fresh. It's not just smelling fresh, but it's feeling fresh."

"I was touring a ton, I was doing lots of rehearsals prepping for the tours, constantly in the studio, and with Degree Deodorant, (the partnership) just came together very naturally because it's activated by movement anyways," she adds. "I'm always on the go, so it was like, 'Hey, perfect!'"