The teenager shot to fame after recording a cover of J.Lo's JENNY FROM THE BLOCK and the two stars have remained friends after Jennifer agreed to make a cameo in Becky's video for the song.

The teen, who is now making her movie debut in the new Power Rangers blockbuster, still pinches herself when she recalls meeting her idol and mentor in the studio just days after recording her Becky From the Block song.

"Somehow it got into the hands of Benny Medina (Lopez's manager) and he played it for Jennifer and then two days later I literally get to the studio after the gym and she's there," Becky gushed during an appearance on Access Hollywood Live.

"She's an angel... She was dressed in all white, actually, with her gold hoops and that J.Lo glow and her hair up in a tight bun. I was just like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe this is happening!'"

Becky has kept in touch with her idol and she insists hers is the life and career she wants to emulate.

"I know I'm very young and I won't be having kids for a very long time, but the fact that I can see someone accomplish so many things and be able to be all about her family at the same time and not have to sacrifice any of her dreams, it's inspiring to me."