Ben Mendelsohn is being lined up to play the villain in the 'Captain Marvel' movie.

The 48-year-old actor is best known for starring as antagonist Orson Krennic in 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' and now he is being lined up to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the villain in the upcoming movie, Variety reports.

Although it is not confirmed who Mendelsohn will play, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige recently teased that the alien group known as the Skrulls would feature in 'Captain Marvel'.

The aliens first appeared in 'Fantastic Four #2' and are known for their shape-shifting abilities. Originally peaceful at first, they eventually became more aggressive and have tried to conquer Earth using their powers and have continually caused problems for the Marvel heroes.

The movie will star Brie Larson as the titular character with Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck helming.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet wrote the script with 'Inside Out' scribe Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman who penned previous drafts.

'Captain Marvel' was created by writer Roy Thomas and designed by artist Gene Colan back in 1968 and follows Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot whose DNA is fused with that of an alien in an accident.

The resulting alteration imbues her with super strength, energy projection and flight.

Not much else is known about the movie at the time of reporting but Feige announced at the San Diego Comic Con this year that the film will be set in the 90s.

This will be set before the events of the 'Avengers' movie and Samuel L. Jackson is expected to reprise his as Nick Fury.

The 68-year-old actor was last seen as the one-eyed super-spy in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' back in 2015, and prior to that he was shot and hospitalised in 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' a year before.

But Jackson has been absent from following films despite being the main recruiter of the 'Avengers', but recently said he doesn't know if he is set to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 'Avengers: Infinity War' and 'Avengers 4'.