Obviously, both Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith will approach the duel with compassion; they are of course great friends, but it does beg the question: with Dr Who going up against Sherlock in the national film awards, which of those fictional characters would win in a real fight?

We're plumping Dr. Who. By the time Holmes has determined the amount of hairs on Who's right leg by the length of his ear, The Doctor will have figured out how to banish him to a distant planet. And before anyone can say tardis, he'll be off. 

The pair are in the running for the best actor prize. Steven Moffat - writer and producer of both - said to The BBC: "Well this is very flattering, but also terrifying. I hope everyone votes with tremendous care and the result is an exact draw between both shows."

In the best male drama performance category, Smith and Cumberbatch are up against Colin Morgan, the star of Merlin, and Daniel Mays for his performance as Ronnie Biggs in Mrs Biggs.

Elsewhere, The Great British Bake-Off competes with The Apprentice, Top Gear and Paul O'Grady's For The Love Of Dogs for the best factual entertainment prize.

Check out Sherlock in space below, as Cumberbatch flexes his acting muscles in the upcoming Star Trek movie, Into The Darkness. Here's the trailer: