OSCAR-winning actor Benicio Del Toro is trying to raise funds to play CHE GUEVARA in a new biopic of controversial Cuban revolutionary.

The TRAFFIC actor is teaming up with legendary director Terrence Malick on the film, although the pair are still currently trying to secure financial backing.

Benicio says, "There's a script but no money so we've been discussing it and working on other things.

"Terry has a couple of other projects, I might have other things, so we're trying to see when we can do it and if we can do it next year (04). We don't even know if we can do it next year."

Busy Benicio is also set to make his directorial debut on a movie version of cult author HUNTER S. THOMPSON's THE RUM DIARIES, which has had actors including Johnny Depp and Nick Nolte linked to it.

14/11/2003 17:37