Benicio Del Toro says his 'Sicario: Day of the Soldado' co-star Isabela Moner has an ''old soul''.

The 51-year-old actor appears alongside Isabela, 16, in the sequel to the 2015 crime thriller 'Sicario', and Del Toro has revealed he relished the experience of working with the teenage star, claiming her talent belies her years.

He explained: ''She has that gift, the connection between intellect and emotions. She's like an old soul.''

Similarly, Isabela enjoyed working with the veteran star, who plays the role of hitman Alejandro Gillick.

The actress - who plays the part of a sheltered 12-year-old girl called Isabela Reyes - revealed that their on-screen characters form an increasingly tight bond as the movie develops.

She said, according to the Deccan Chronicle newspaper: ''Isabela and Alejandro's relationship is really interesting, because you basically watch it develop before your eyes.

''First, he has his doubts about her. He really couldn't care less about her. Isabela feels the same about him - she just wants to get home. And then, as the story progresses, you really start to see them connect.''

Meanwhile, Benicio recently claimed that ''gossip and bulls**t'' stunted his career in Hollywood.

The actor argued that rumours surrounding his alleged drinking caused film studios to overlook him for potential projects.

He explained: ''People in Hollywood can be as gullible as anywhere.

''Just because they're in the world of make-believe, it doesn't mean they don't believe it. The fact is that, after I tried to get a couple of jobs, the feedback I got was that people didn't want to see me because 'We know he's got a drink problem, and we know he's got a drug problem'. And the only reason for that was because they had seen 'Fear and Loathing'. Maybe it was a compliment.''