Beth Ditto thinks she's a good performer because she was sexually abused.

The former Gossip band member has previously spoken out about the horrific ordeal she suffered as a child at the hands of her uncle, and she believes the harrowing experiences have taught her to ''dissociate'' herself from them, which has helped her when she's on stage.

She reflected: ''I think that's how I learned to dissociate.

''I think that's why I'm a good ... performer.

''Not to toot my own horn but I think they're why - because I'm really good at leaving my body.''

And Beth thinks her chaotic upbringing also means she is fine with life on tour.

She explained: ''I think that's why I'm goon on the road, at things being unpredictable. That's how I grew up. Nothing was ever stable.

''My mom was court ordered to have therapy but in f***ing Arkansas in the 70s? She didn't have the tools. I got the f**k out of there as soon as I could.''

While the 36-year-old singer may have come a long way since her troubled upbringing, she has insisted her needs are still pretty simple.

Speaking to Q magazine, 'Do You Need Someone' hitmaker said: ''I don't know if I'm so sure of myself. But I'm sure of where I come from.

''I'm still in touch with my family. I was in the same band for a long time.

''We're here in this hotel now but it was the airport Premier Inn so many times. And I'll do it again.

''All I need is a bed and wi-fi. And a bath tub. A place to bathe, eat, and watch internet porn.''