Big Time Rush singer Kendall Schmidt has filed a complaint with airline bosses after $7,000 (£4,516)-worth of jewellery went missing from his luggage during a recent flight to Austria.

The pop star had planned to hand out the custom-made items to fans at last Monday's (13May13) gig with his new band, Heffron Drive, in Vienna, Austria, but the bag failed to appear when he touched down in Europe from Orlando, Florida.

Schmidt was forced to go on an impromptu shopping trip to find clothes to wear for the concert and shared his lost luggage drama with fans attending the show that night.

He told the crowd, "On my way here they (airline staff) lost my suitcase. So I had a whole bunch of stuff in my suitcase I was gonna throw out, bracelets and stuff like that, all that kind of stuff."

Schmidt was eventually reunited with his bag on the group's next tour stop in Berlin, Germany - but the jewellery had gone missing from his suitcase, prompting the star to report the loss to airline executives in the hopes of landing a cash reimbursement, according to