One of the women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct has taken aim at Whoopi Goldberg for remarks she made about the scandal on her U.S. Tv talk show The View.

Co-hosts Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell had a tense showdown on the daily programme earlier this week (ends21Nov14) while they were discussing the Cosby case, when the Ghost star admitted she wasn't completely convinced by all the women making allegations against the beloved funnyman.

Goldberg suggested those who feared they would not be believed if they came forward decades ago should have demanded rape tests to prove they had been assaulted by the comedian.

She said, "Perhaps the police might have believed it or the hospital. Don't you do a kit when you say someone has raped you?"

Her comments upset one of the alleged victims, Tamara Gillen, who told news show Entertainment Tonight, "It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard her say... Who is she to say a thing like that?"

Former model Janice DICkinson, who has also made allegations against Cosby, was a guest on the show when Gillen called in and broke down as she listened to her blast Goldberg. She had to be helped back to her dressing room after she collapsed after leaving the set.