Bill Murray watched the Broadway production of 'Groundhog Day' for the second night in a row on Wednesday (09.08.17).

The much-loved actor starred in the hit movie on which the production is based and seemingly concluded he needed to revisit the theatre in order to really appreciate the stage version.

Murray, 66, went backstage at the August Wilson Theatre, where he told star Andy Karl and the cast: ''I had some observations watching it again, and it's really beautiful ... As the product of the story turns to joy, the audience gets more and more excited.

''You have an unusual opportunity to do something that just really affects people.''

The 1993 drama movie is considered to be one of the highlights of Murray's career in Hollywood, and the Broadway production has already earned his seal of approval.

The popular comedian told the cast, according to the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: ''You're killing 'em ... You may quote me on that. I'm not much of a beer guy but I'm going to drink to that.''

Murray remains one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood, but has previously credited his success to his relaxed approach to life.

The 'Ghostbusters' actor said his refusal to put himself under any unnecessary pressure has been one of the keys to his enviable career in the movie business.

He explained: ''Someone told me some secrets early on about living.

''You have to remind yourself that you can do the very best you can when you're very, very relaxed. No matter what it is, no matter what your job is, the more relaxed you are, the better you are.''

Murray believes his on-screen performances are directly linked to the amount of fun he has on set.

He shared: ''I realised that the more fun I had, the better I did.''