Comic legend Bill Murray broke Hollywood convention and refused to applaud Sean Penn when he beat him to the Best Actor statuette at last year's Oscars (04) - because he hates fake award ceremonies.

Murray, who was nominated for his acclaimed performance in Lost In Translation, lost out to Penn's performance in Mystic River, but refused to put on the false smile usually seen on jilted nominees' faces.

On missing out on the prized statuette, Murray says, "Pi**ed off? You bet I was.

"I don't approve of award ceremonies, so I was wondering what had persuaded me to attend that one. I was pi**ed at myself."

The actor also resents the fact that comedy rarely scoops the big awards.

He says, "Even Charlie Chaplin knew it. Laughter and the lighter moments of life always seem easy to deliver. I don't expect those giving out the awards to understand."