Bill Nighy considered quitting acting after admitted he ''just hated it''.

The 68-year-old actor has starred in a number of popular films including 'Love Actually', 'Pride' and two of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies, but Nighy admitted he nearly threw in the towel with his acting career.

He told the RadioTimes magazine: ''I thought of quitting, if not daily, then weekly.

''I was so unhappy - I just hated it. It's not unpleasant all the time, and you work with great people and I am proud of some of the things I've done.

''You get a degree of satisfaction when it's over, but the actual process is never satisfactory.''

Despite hating the career choice he was in, the actor also said that he only stayed as a movie star because he couldn't think of anything else he wanted to do.

He said: ''I flunked school - not that that would prevent you from doing anything in life, but I didn't have any other ideas.

''I was deeply self-conscious, which you are supposed to be. Every actor is self-conscious.''

Nighy also admitted he avoids watching himself on TV after seeing himself perform in the 1976 movie 'Softly Softly' and said it was ''bloody awful''.

He said: ''I tried that when I was young and less complicated to look at, and it was bloody awful.

''I was third bank robber in 'Softly, Softly'. I was staying in digs with some people - they were all crowded in the front room, and then I came on TV. I walked out, it was so terrible.

''I had a phoney accent, which was just not committed enough, and my hair, obviously. Oh!''

Nighy, who hasn't stopped working since starring in 'Love Actually' back in 2003 in which he won a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor, also said it's easier not to have seen the film when it comes to being questioned about it by press.

He recently said: ''You know I was there. I saw it happening. I've read the script, I know what happens in it.

''So I have the perfect relationship with it as far as I'm concerned.''