Actor Bill Nighy has formed a new friendship with David Beckham, after expressing his sympathy when the soccer ace was dropped from the England team. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star was horrified when new England coach Steve MCLaren dropped Beckham from the squad last year (06). Soccer fan Nighy was so distraught at MCLaren's decision, he wrote to Beckham's management at his current team Real Madrid. Nighy says, "I wrote to David to say I thought it was unfortunate he was no longer part of the England set-up. Let's just say I was confused by the decision and I thought I'd like to disassociate myself from it. "It got on my wick. I'm passionate about football and I think he's the most exemplary man, a wonderful athlete and a beautiful footballer. "He was very sweet and sent me a signed No23 Real Madrid shirt. "Becks also gave me an open invitation to an LA Galaxy game." Beckham is transferring to U.S. team LA Galaxy in July (07).