U.S. TV star Bill Nye has requested a restraining order against his former fiancee after she allegedly tried to poison him. Nye, also known as 'The Science Guy', sought the order in a Los Angeles court on 4 September (07), after spotting his ex, Blair Tindal, dressed in black and acting suspiciously near his home. The order would prevent Tindal from coming near his California house and contacting him. The legal papers filed state Tindal "emerged from my backyard... carrying two plastic bottles filled with some sort of solvent. Apparently she was trying to poison my plants including some vegetable(s). She fled on foot and then a car sped away from the scene." Tindal had driven by his house twice in the previous three weeks. Nye also complained in an abuse report that Tindal "left a coffee pot on my porch" on 16 August (07). However, Tindal filed a response on 13 November (07), disagreeing with the terms of the restraining order. A hearing has been set for 20 December (07).