Review of Volume 2 Album by Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg
Volume 2
Album Review

Billy Bragg Volume 2 Album

After the release of Volume 1 of the Billy Bragg re-releases, comes the natural progression that is Volume 2. Consisting of four whole albums Workers Playtime, Don't Try This At Home, William Bloke, and England, Half English, each also comes with a full disc of bonus material. Bragg continues to occupy his curiously unique slot in British social consciousness, and this retrospective usefully illustrates how he achieved this position

The Volume 2 selection illustrates Bragg's rise from solo performer to band leader, and for those with limited knowledge of the man, includes the classic "Sexuality" To be honest though, this collection will not be bought by non-fans, but Billy's devoted legions will no doubt be gasping to get their hands on this stuff, particularly the bonus, unreleased content. Proof that Essex is not just the home of white stilettos and dodgy Ford Escorts.

Richard Edge

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