Billy Corgan has obtained a restraining order against the owner of TNA Wrestling.

The Smashing Pumpkins singer - who was named president of the sporting organisation in August - has been granted the temporary injunction against Dixie Carter, and is also suing her, her husband Serg Salias, TNA Wrestling and the brand's parent company Impact Ventures, TMZ reports.

The specifics of the order and the lawsuit have not been released because the 49-year-old musician's lawyer requested the documents remain sealed.

When Billy was appointed president of TNA just two months ago, Dixie hailed the 'Tonight Tonight' singer as a ''visionary''.

Speaking as she moved from president to Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Impact, she said: ''Billy is a visionary, an iconic artist and savvy businessman with an incredibly gifted creative mind.''

Billy first joined the company as a senior producer over a year ago and said at the time of being appointed president he was looking forward to furthering the company for the sake of the fans, the wrestler and behind-the-scenes staff.

He said: ''I believe in this company, its passionate fans, the talented roster and the dedicated staff and crew.

''I am committed to this great opportunity and will use all of my resources and connections to drive the success of this company.

''This year we have made significant strides in establishing a strong foundation for our future and will be aggressive in continuing to evolve and grow the IMPACT brands.''