Billy Ray Cyrus has ''a feeling'' that 'Hannah Montana' could make a comeback.

The 'Old Town Road' singer starred alongside his real-life daughter Miley Cyrus, who played the titular version of herself named Miley Stewart, in the hit Disney series as Robbie Ray Stewart, and although his daughter may not be keen on a revival, the country legend is all for it.

Asked if he thinks it will return to screens, he told 'ET Canada': ''I have a feeling it might. It could.

''Everything is possible.

''Certainly worth thinking about. It sounds fun to me.

''I've always wanted like a prequel.

''When you look at the realism of 'Hannah Montana' and where she started as that 12-year-old, 13-year-old girl ... well there was a whole life for 'Hannah Montana' that happened before that.''

While Miley - who is married to actor Liam Hemsworth - might have outgrown her Disney alter ego, her father still sees his daughter as his ''little'' girl.

He said: ''To me she's still just little Miley.

''To see her step out there and do what she does.

''Entertaining people and becoming an entertainer. She's been one her entire life.''

Billy's keenness for the show to return comes after Miley admitted she ''felt ridiculous'' playing Hannah Montana after having sex.

The 26-year-old singer-and-actress spent much of her childhood on the Disney Channel show, which also spawned albums, tours, and a movie entitled 'Hannah Montana: The Movie'.

Miley hung up her blonde wig in 2011, and said the character - whom she began playing in 2006, when she was just 13 - became ''weird'' for her after she lost her virginity, because she felt as though she was ''crushing'' the dreams of her young fans.

She said: ''I [wanted to stop being Hannah Montana] once I was 18 because it felt ridiculous. The minute I had sex, I was kind of like, I can't put the fucking wig on again. It got weird. It just felt like ... I was grown up.

''One time I went backstage at Disneyland, and Peter Pan was smoking a cigarette. And I was like, 'That's me. That's the kind of dreams I'm crushing.' That's how everyone felt with the bong video, but I'm not a Disney mascot. I'm a person.''