Blac Chyna is ''still building'' her relationship with her mother Tokyo Toni.

The 31-year-old reality star and her mother were at loggerheads for almost a year after Tokyo publicly accused Chyna of not allowing her to see her grandchildren - King Cairo, six, and Dream, two - and later claimed her daughter was a ''mistake'' and a ''statutory rape baby'' in a since-deleted Instagram rant, as Tokyo was just 17 when she had Chyna.

Chyna and Tokyo, 49, patched up their rocky relationship in May this year, and the 'Real Blac Chyna' star has now insisted they're ''working'' on repairing their mother daughter bond.

The model said: ''We're still building it. Nothing happens overnight. Everything is like a work in [progress], really.''

Chyna also said she doesn't blame her mother for airing their grievances online, because she still ''loves'' her.

She added to Us Weekly magazine: ''I think that any normal person would get, like, frustrated, but at the same time, it's like, she's grown, she can do whatever she wants and that's just that. It's my mom and I love her.''

The news comes after Chyna recently spoke about her strong ''communication'' with her former partners Tyga and Rob Kardashian, who are the fathers of her children King Cairo and Dream respectively.

She said: ''The key [to coparenting] is basically communication. It makes it a little bit easier if you can communicate with your child's other parent. That's the best and healthiest way.''

And Chyna praised both Tyga and Rob for helping out when she needs time to ''reset'' away from her children.

She added: ''My children's dads ... help out because you have to have that time to yourself, just to even go to the spa and kind of reset.

''The days that they're with their dads, then I go take my trips. Basically, I'm always home with [my kids].''