The Black Keys star Dan Auerbach used new album Turn Blue as a form of therapy after his marriage to Stephanie Gonis collapsed.

Auerbach went through a very nasty and public divorce in 2013 with his wife of four years and mother of his daughter, Sadie.

Gonis accused him of pushing her to self harming and he hit back by insisting she tried to commit suicide by slashing her legs in front of their child.

Now the musician has revealed he managed to overcome the pain of the split by writing tracks for his new record.

Auerbach tells the Brisbane Times, "Usually when I sit down with a song I can write about whatever I want. I can make things up, I can tell a story, I can be creative, there are no rules. But with this one my head was just so wrapped up in what was going on in my life immediately around me that I couldn't focus on anything else.

"I had to write about what was going on in my head. I used this record as a form of therapy, but that was also unavoidable. It wasn't like I could do something else, or write about something else, it was almost a necessity."