Blake Lively had a lot of say in her hair and make-up for premiere of her new movie 'A Simple Favor'.

The 31-year-old actress stunned at the premiere of her new thriller on Monday (10.09.18) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City alongside her husband Ryan Reynolds, where she wore one of her signature Givenchy suits, which she chose herself.

Whilst the 'Gossip Girl' star is known for choosing her own clothing, she does seek hair styling from Rod Ortega and make-up from Kristofer Buckle, but they both admit Blake has the final say when it comes to how she looks on the night of the event.

Describing how he came up with her simple hair look in an interview with PeopleStyle, Rod said: ''In my whole career, this is a first - working with someone who is only wearing suits.

''It's different for me artistically, because I'm used to doing big, wavy, full hair on Blake. This forced me to do more simple, relaxed hairstyles, since the silhouettes are much straighter than a flowy dress.

''Blake isn't in black that often, so I wanted to keep hair nice and sleek. I did a quick braid as a test run, and took a picture to show her what it looked like she said, 'Oh yeah that's great,' after seeing the picture! Because she liked it, we went with it.''

When it came to Blake's make-up, Kristofer revealed that although the pair had been going for a more natural look while promoting the film - for the premiere they thought they would go for a more glamorous look.

He said: ''When I saw what Blake was wearing I thought a prominent eye would be a good choice, and she thought the same.''

''She styles herself so of course she also has opinions about her makeup. She trusts my instincts, and I want her to be comfortable, so we keep an open dialogue while I'm working.''