Blake Lively credits Ryan Reynolds for making her feel ''strong and independent''.

The 'Shallows' actress - who has children James, three, and Ines, 23 months, with her spouse - thinks the ''mutual trust and respect'' between herself and the 'Deadpool' star has given their relationship a solid foundation.

She said: ''Ryan makes me feel very strong and independent.

''He's someone who has a great spirit and we have a very healthy relationship, which is both very profound and also light-hearted.

''And we also have that kind of mutual trust and respect, which is the basis of every good partnership.''

Despite their respective successful careers, the 30-year-old star and her 41-year-old spouse will always put their kids first, and they think that focus helps with their work too.

Blake told Closer magazine: ''Wherever we go in the world on our adventure together, our family is our first priority.

''Work comes and goes but we value our private time together more than anything.

''Enjoying our time as a couple and being good parents to our children makes us happier and more confident, which allows us to do our best work without worrying about spending long hours on a film set.''

And Blake feels ''very lucky'' that Ryan is such a hands-on father.

She said:'' I'm very lucky that Ryan is such a devoted father and shares all the domestic responsibilities with me.

''We never work at the same time either. I was with him in Vancouver while he was shooting 'Deadpool 2' last year.

''I look after the kids when he's working then he takes care of them when I'm working.

''When we're at home we're like any other couple and enjoy everything that comes with playing with our kids, cooking, and having family and friends over.''