Bob Geldof thinks social media has killed off the potential for another Live Aid concert.

The 66-year-old musician and political activist previously joined forces with Midge Ure to work on both star-studded Band Aid charity singles, and a huge dual-venue benefit show in 1985, which featured performances from the likes of Queen, David Bowie and Madonna.

Although the concept was brought back in 2005 for several simultaneous Live 8 concerts across the globe, Bob doesn't think the concept would prove successful these days.

He explained to the Irish Independent newspaper: ''I don't think that works now, there's a whole new age. You can do something, you can start generating stuff online now, whether that's as effective immediately or not.

''It's a terrible bromide at the same time being online, because your rage evaporates into the ether.

''And it's very useful for authority, because if everyone in this room had a bee in their bonnet right now, they could all go online and get 1,000 followers. The dissemination of the medium has meant the dilution of the message.''

Band Aid saw the Boomtown Rats star bring together the biggest names in music for recordings of charity single 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' in 1984, 1989, 2004 and 2014.

Despite the money and awareness raised for those facing famine in Ethiopia - and the raft of huge stars lending their talents over the years - Geldof insisted it's not a source of personal pride.

He explained: ''It's just life you know. It's just tiring, I'm tired. It's really crap having to ring people up and they're going, 'for f***'s sake it's Geldof'.

''And I don't mind when people say no, there's no pressure, literally no pressure. At a certain point it gets to the point where if you're out, then you're not happening.''