Bob Odenkirk got drunk for the first time in 30 years for a TV show.

The 'Better Call Saul' actor found it ''scary'' to get intoxicated for an episode of TV show 'Drunk History' in 2016 and he almost ''backed out'' of appearing in the comedy series because he felt so nervous.

Speaking at PaleyFest New York, the 55-year-old star said: ''It was scary for me to get drunk.

''[Creator Derek Waters] knows. We had a lot of conversations about it. I almost backed out because I haven't been drunk in a long, long time. Not that I was going for a record but it was probably over 30 years.''

Bob - who has children Nathan, 19, and Erin, 17, with wife Naomi - explained he felt apprehensive because he didn't want to set a bad example to his teenage kids if he ended up in a bad way because of the booze.

He said: ''I have kids who are teenagers, both in college now, and I was a little worried about them seeing me on TV really drunk-- like -- vomiting drunk.''

But despite his reservations, the 'Breaking Bad' star agreed to shoot the episode, in which he narrated the story of Disco Demolition Night, an anti-disco movement in 1969, and threw himself into indulging in a number of alcoholic drinks, even with the showrunner keeping a careful eye on him.

He said: ''It was a tough call to do it and I just bit the bullet and the worm, and Derek was very protective of me. But I did drink two and a half double gin tonics and four shots of tequila.

''I was definitely drunk.''