Veteran Bond girl Fiona Fullerton has become embroiled in a dispute with her neighbours over plans to chop down two large trees outside her house.

The A View to a Kill star recently purchased a lavish mansion in Gloucestershire, England and has started renovations to transform the former office into a six-bedroom home.

Fullerton plans to fell two towering cypress trees at the front of the property, but the proposal has prompted angry complaints from neighbours keen to preserve the leafy look of the street.

Local resident Sarah Knightly Brown tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "The greenery of this area is what makes it so special. If you look at this road, the old trees are so important to the way it looks. Felling them will change the whole atmosphere. A lot of residents feel very strongly about this. We don't want these trees to go."

Another neighbour, Peter Swales, adds, "Felling these trees basically amounts to vandalism."

Fullerton has defended the move, insisting the decision to chop down the trees was made on the advice of experts, saying, "We... took advice from three tree surgeons and one of the trees is old and unsafe. We are just doing what we have been directed to do. The trees will be replaced with Holm oaks... If neighbours have any concerns we are happy to talk to them about it."

A spokeswoman for Cheltenham Borough Council has backed Fullerton's plans, insisting the trees had "reached the end of their useful life," adding, "It was felt they were not worthy of a preservation order."